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Ant Thomas is an artist from Boston, who plans to release a project this year titled "Only if it Makes Cents" (OiiMC). "OiiMC" tells the story of Ant Thomas - how he balanced navigating two worlds - and the difficulties of transitioning from his affordable housing development to being a competitive professional in America.



"Only if it Makes Cents" Making Change Campaign Letter from Ant Thomas

In the past two years I have been working extremely hard on putting together a project that would challenge the normalization of poverty and violence in our communities - that would empower individuals to leverage resources that are available to them in their journey to success.

To accomplish the goal of empowering leaders to make positive change, I put together the "Only if it Makes Cents" music project.  In my project I address issues of income inequality, racial justice, violence, criminal justice reform, and the importance of education, community and family. Thus far, I have financed the majority of the entire project, with help from close friends along the way, who believe that I am genuinely trying to improve our communities with the "Only if it Makes Cents" project.  I am determined for this project to be successful and I am very close to completion!


With a contribution from you big or small, I can finish "Only if it Makes Cents". You will be contributing to a project determined to improve our communities by catalyzing better leadership! I thank you in advance for supporting in any way you can.

Click "CONTRIBUTE" below to make a contribution towards the "Only if it Makes Cents" making change campaign! 



“Renaissance Man 2.0” EP is the short version of the full album soundtrack. The “RM2” EP discusses the challenges of thriving to be successful for an inner city youth.


Click "Buy 'RM2' EP" to purchase an autographed "Renaissance Man 2.0" EP:




*The "RM2" EP Purchase will take an estimated 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

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