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"Feel Me" by Ant Thomas is releasing on 4/24

“Feel Me” the first single on Ant Thomas’ upcoming EP titled the “Privilege Pack” will be available on all platforms on 4/24! Ant, artist and multifaceted person from Boston, takes time to walk you through his experiences with privilege. “Feel Me” talks about how Ant wants people to know his work before they know his name and how important staying in his own lane has been to accomplish that. Ant raps with a steady cadence over American Antagon1st’s production, his childhood friend and cousin, as he talks about the nuances of privilege.

The “Feel Me” pre-release link is now available for purchase in the iTunes Store app! If purchased the full song will be available on 4/24. Thank you in advance for showing love to Ant Thomas and the first song of five, from the Privilege Pack EP.

Go to iTunes Store app + search: Ant Thomas Feel Me

Song by @ant_thomas2f

Produced by @antagon1st

Artwork by @ambrojah

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